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◊◊ European Union Labor and Employment Law Outlook 2016
The “European Union Labor and Employment Law Outlook 2016” summarizes EU labor market developments, the Agenda of the EU Commission and new legislation in 2016.
Published at BNA Bloomberg, read this publication by CMS Hasche Sigle here.

◊◊ Comprehensive U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa Overview
Provided by Ogletree Deakins, Click here: NIV Chart – 2017 Version-EACC to download the document.


◊◊ CMS European M&A Study 2017
This year’s edition covers over 3,200 deals and we focus on the 443 CMS deals in 2016 and the 2,045 CMS deals in the period 2010 – 2015 by way of comparison. Once more the Study provides insight into the legal provisions of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) agreements, makes comparisons across Europe and with the US and identifies market trends. A team of CMS lawyers analysed private M&A agreements relating to both non-listed public and private companies in Europe for the ten-year period 2007 – 2016.
Download the report: CMS European M&A Outlook 2017

◊◊  Into the unknown: European M&A Outlook 2016
2016 has been dominated by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. With this in mind, our latest survey of senior Europe-based executives was taken once before the 23 June, and then again with the same participants in the months after the Brexit vote. The result is a unique contrast of expectations for European M&A pre- and post-referendum, as corporates and private equity firms wrestle with its consequences for their businesses and dealmaking prospects.
Read this publication by CMS here

◊◊ M&A Market Update: It’s like Déjà vu all over again
As we reflect upon the current state of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market, we can’t help but feel as if we’ve been here before. Was it 1999? 2007? Or maybe even 24 months ago? But the confluence of frothy markets, easy access to capital, and sky-high valuations should make us nervous… but yet, this time feels different.
Read this publication by Stout, Risius, Ross  here.

CMS International Guide to Anti-bribery & Corruption Laws
Bribery and corruption is a growing concern for businesses in all sectors and jurisdictions, although some involve greater inherent risks than others
This guide offers a broad overview of the anti-corruption laws across 26 countries (including: United Kingdom, Ukraine, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Russia, Romania, Poland, The Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Germany, France, Czech Republic, China, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Austria, Albania and more).
Read the Guide by CMS here.

◊◊ Complying with bribery laws in key European jurisdictions
This note is designed to provide our corporate clients with a brief overview of some of the key features of the law against bribery in the home states of the contributing firms: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK(together, the “Six States”: individually, a “State” and some practical guidance on the use of a single set of procedures which might be designed to prevent bribery so as to avoid or mitigate liability in each of them.
Read the Article , provided by De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek: Complying with bribery laws in key European jurisdictions


◊◊ Eurostat recently released a report on Taxation trends in the European Union
The report contains a detailed statistical and economic analysis of the tax systems of the Member States of the European Union, plus Iceland and Norway, which are Members of the European Economic Area.
Download the report here.

 ◊◊ Legal Considerations For Establishing Operations in The United States: A Guide to the Business And Legal Climate In The United States
The business climate in the United States, though subject to business cycles, is the largest, most dynamic and durable in the world. The freedom to compete gives would-be entrants the greatest opportunity to succeed and entrenched players the greatest risk of failure. Central to the business climate is the virtual absence of political risk and the stability and predictability of the legasystem.
Read A Guide by Pepper Hamilton LLP here.

◊◊ Doing Business in the United States: A Guide
Read a Guide by HSBC here

◊◊ Doing Business in Germany: A Guide
Read a Guide by HSBC here

◊◊ How to create real business value from AR and other innovative technologies
Read a Guide by Attrecto here

◊◊ REIT Roll-ups: How Much is Your Platform Worth?
In REIT roll-up transactions, valuing the management company can be complicated. In an update to our 2014 article, we re-examine how management companies are valued and analyzed historical trends in management company valuations.
Read the Article by Duff & Phelps here

◊◊ ONE-STOP SHOP, A Top – Level Service to provide support to Investments in the Paris Region
A one-stop shop is being introduced to promote investment by foreign companies in Ile de France (Paris region). It has been f
ormed by pooling resources from the Ile de France Regional Council (working through the Paris Région Entreprises body) and Paris City Hall, as well as Paris&Co, the French capital’s economic development and innovation agency, the Métropole du Greater Paris, the Paris Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Business France, the government agency supporting the international development of the French economy.
Read the Article by Business France here

◊◊ The International Comparative Legal Guide to Alternative Investment Funds, published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London
EACC New York member Dillon Eustace was delighted to contribute the Irish chapter to the 2015 International Comparative Legal Guide.
Read the guide here.

◊◊ Funding for United States Study 2016 Guide
The Institute of International Education (IIE), a member of the EACCNY, has published the 2016 edition of its annual print directory Funding for United States Study: A Guide for International Students and Professionals, the print companion to IIE’s online search engine With more than 800 grant and scholarship listings, Funding for United States Study is the most comprehensive directory on finding funding for study in the United States, making it an invaluable resource for advisers and international students worldwide. It features detailed descriptions of grants, fellowships, and scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study, and doctoral and postdoctoral research in the United States. Purchase print directory | Also available as electronic flipbook

◊◊ Practical Insights: “What companies should know about Privacy Shield”

This post gives a high level summary of what companies should consider with the Privacy Shield
Read the article by Orrick here

◊◊  Data Breach Checklist
This post gives A Guide what you have to do when you have a Data Breach.
Read the article by Lewis Silkin here

◊◊  Highlights of DPC’s First Annual Report under GDPR
This post highlights the key issues on the First Annual Report under GDPR
Read the article by Mason Hayes & Curran here


◊◊ A two-speed industry – How do private equity investors create value? A study of 2015 European exits”
This is the 11th in our series of studies examining how European private equity (PE) investors create value in their portfolio companies. Over more than a decade, our studies have tracked PE activity, the industry’s value creation record and key trends. Our findings have consistently demonstrated PE’s ability to generate outperformance through strategic and operational improvement in the companies it backs through both good and more challenging times. Set against a backdrop of record exit numbers and values, this year’s research hones in on one of the key determinants of success for PE investments — length of holding period — and demonstrates the value of agility and importance of consistent activity levels to PE firms’ long-term health.
Read the Article by Ernst & Young here


◊◊ BREXIT: The AIFMD Passport
The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive AIFMD creates a single pan-European Economic Area EEA regulatory framework for the managers of alternative investment funds AIFs. This overview considers the potential availability of the pan-EEA AIFMD passport AIFMD passportin the post-Brexit world for both UK and non-EEA AIFs and Managers currently operating from the UK.
Read the Article by Stephenson Harwood here.

◊◊ BREXIT: The MiFID Passport
A significant part of the UK’s financial services industry relies on the passport under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive MiFID to provide its services in other Member States of the European Economic Area EEA. The loss of the passport would therefore have a profound effect on financial institutions based in the UK.
Read the Article by Stephenson Harwood here.

◊◊ Capital Markets Insights – Q2 2016
During the second quarter of 2016, acquisitive middle-market issuers capitalized on lenders’ increased risk appetite by entering into attractively priced and structured financings. The dramatic rally in Treasury yields (and other safe haven assets) triggered by the “Brexit” referendum at quarter’s end, augurs well for further improvement in domestic credit market conditions.

◊◊ EY survey on foreign investment decisions in Europe and the prospect of Brexit.
This report is part of a series by EY on the attractiveness of Europe and European countries for cross-border investments
Read this Article by EY here


◊◊ The Entrepreneurs Report: Private Company Financing Trends Full-Year 2017 The strong venture financing market of 2017 continued in Q4, resulting in a record-breaking year for median valuations and amounts raised in Series B and later financings. Median pre-money valuations for full-year 2017 Series B financings exceeded those of the past five years. Series C and later median pre-money valuations also reached an all-time high of $179.8 million in full-year 2017—twice the median pre-money valuation reported in full-year 2016. Strong pre-money valuations accompanied high median amounts raised across all rounds of financing in full-year 2017, topping the prior five years. High pre-money valuations also boosted the percentage of up rounds to 85% of all Series B and later financings for full-year 2017.

Read the Report by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati here

◊◊ Outdoor Products Industry Insights – 2016
Rapid growth of e-commerce, significant competition, and market saturation will continue to drive consolidation in the outdoor and sporting goods retail industry. Innovative companies are commanding attention from corporate and private equity buyers, with the market ripe for acquisition activity.
Read the Article by Duff & Phelps here

◊◊ 2016 Technology and Life Sciences IPO Report
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati’s 2016 Technology and Life Sciences IPO Report presents key data related to the pricing of 49 U.S.-based technology and life sciences issuers between January 1 and December 1, 2016. In a year of uncertainty in the domestic and international financial markets, the U.S. market for new issuers recovered from a halting start to post a solid, if unspectacular, second half.
Read the Article by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati here

◊◊ Design Protection 2016
Impact on designers, brand owners and advertising agencies The scope of protection offered by design registration. Who owns the design right, Design rights abroad
Read the article by Lewis Silkin here

◊◊ CJEU Rules for Web Browsing and Copyrights
Facts, is browsing lawful? End-user Streaming of unauthorized content confirmed as lawful?
Read the article by Lewis Silkin here

◊◊ Trends in Trade Secret Litigation Report 2017
For decades, companies have turned to federal courts to protect valuable business assets, such as trade secrets. Legal action has expanded over the years, and recent trends have set the foundation for a continual surge in federal secret litigation.
Read the report by Stout here

◊◊ 2017 Automotive Warranty & Recall Report
Stout’s third annual Automotive Warranty & Recall Report is the industry’s most comprehensive analysis of automotive recall trends. This report greatly expands on previous reports with the inclusion of an unprecedented examination of defect-related domestic and international data that can influence the way original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers prepare for recalls
Read the report by Stout here