Tuesday 10 Jul
    12:30 PM -
    02:30 PM

    Lunch with Michel Barnier, European Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom's Exit of the EU

    Harvard Club of New York City: 35 West 44th St., New York, NY 10036

    Join us for a candid discussion about Brexit directly from the source: Michel Barnier, the European Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom's Exit of the European Union.
    Tuesday 3 Jul
    09:00 AM -
    09:30 AM

    EY Brexit Webcast: Is a No Deal scenario back on the table?

    Online: web based program, .

    In part to put pressure on the UK, the European Commission is briefing publicly and privately that businesses should prepare for ‘no deal.’ Major UK business bodies have voiced their concern and the need for government clarity.
    Wednesday 27 Jun
    11:00 AM -
    12:30 PM

    WEBINAR - Strategic Use Of APAs & Map In The New Tax World

    Online: web based program, .

    As tax policy makers and administrations around the world grapple with measures to secure their share of global profits, concerns over tax certainty, reputation and double taxation have emerged as priority issues. These concerns are not new, but have been intensifying as a result of BEPS, political attention, negative press, new transparency measures and other anti-avoidance rules being adopted globally. The OECD and tax administrations are well aware of these concerns and have developed measures that allow global businesses to proactively manage their key tax risks.
    Wednesday 27 Jun
    08:00 AM -
    10:30 AM

    CETA: A Trade Agreement of the Future & The Future of Trade Agreements

    Scandinavia House’s Victor Borge Hall: 58 Park Avenue [38th Street], New York, NY 10016

    Join us for a candid discussion about trade agreements with three preeminent experts on the subject of negotiating successful trade pacts. All three have been on the frontlines of these negotiations and will be able to share unique insights.
    Thursday 21 Jun
    05:30 PM -
    08:00 PM

    Challenges in Transatlantic Trade and in redefining Britain's relationship with Europe and the United States

    AIG Headquarters: 175 Water Street, New York, NY

    Please join the European American Chamber of Commerce and AIG for a discussion of transatlantic trade, policy, and regulation.