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WEBINAR. Corporate Compliance Complexities 2018: Key Challenges in Varying Jurisdictions

Wed. September 12, 2018
01:00 am


Corporate compliance is getting more and more complex every day. Global regulations as well as local regulations are increasing as is the push for transparency. International businesses are facing a struggle when it comes to understanding this new landscape.

TMF Group has surveyed 84 countries in order to rank them in order of complexity of corporate compliance. The resulting report, the Compliance Complexity Index 2018, highlights the global and local challenges that your company will have to face when operating globally. The report focuses on how simple or complex compliance is in individual countries as well as three regions, Americas, EMEA and APAC.

The global business person and legal teams have a lot of new questions to ask and challenges to overcome. This 60-minute webinar will focus on new compliance initiatives, jurisdictions where compliance is the easiest and the most complex, consequences for non-compliance, and strategies for successful compliance, in addition to the findings from the Compliance Complexity Index 2018 Report.

Production and programming support provided by the marketing services team at Bloomberg Next.

TMF experts will explain the findings from the report as well as:
• What are the new compliance initiatives?
• Where in the world are the laws easy to comply with and where are they complex?
• What are the consequences for not adhering to the new laws and initiatives?
• How can a business be successful while complying?

Analyst/Specialist, Attorney/Counsel, Consultant, CEO/President, General Counsel, Managing Partner, Of Counsel, Paralegal, Partner

● Leila Szwarc, Global Head of Compliance and Strategic Regulatory Services, TMF Group
● Mark Van De Voorde, Chief Legal & Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary, Victualic

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