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FACT SHEET: EU-Ukraine Relations

April 17, 2014

Brussels, 17 April 2014 || The European Union is currently focusing its efforts on  de-escalating the crisis in Ukraine. The EU calls on all sides to continue engaging in a meaningful and inclusive dialogue...

EU workers to enjoy fully portable pension rights when moving abroad

April 16, 2014

EU workers moving to a different EU country will be able to take their full pension rights with them thanks to a draft law passed by Parliament on Tuesday. It still needs to be formally approved by the...

EU Parliament lifts bank bailout burden from taxpayers’ shoulders

April 15, 2014

Three measures to ensure that banks shoulder the risks of failure rather than relying on taxpayers to bail them out were approved by Parliament on Tuesday. Two deal with restructuring and winding down...

Thumbs up for Banking Union: EP adopts key texts

April 15, 2014

The European Parliament, in today’s plenary session, adopted 3 key texts that complete the legislative work underpinning the Banking Union (Single Resolution Mechanism, Bank Recovery and Resolution...

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble: TTIP is the “most important transatlantic project for the foreseeable future.”

April 12, 2014

Above and beyond all of the irritations in Germany that the three letters “NSA” stand for, this fact remains true: Like no two other actors on the global stage, the United States and Europe – what...

Support in Principle for U.S.-EU Trade Pact

April 10, 2014

The European Union and the United States are negotiating the most economically significant regional free trade agreement in history: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Publics...


World Trade Week New York

May 12, 2014 | 8:00am

World Trade Week New York 2014: Be part of A dynamic network of 40 organizations in the New York metro region hosting events and panel discussions focusing on international trade and transportation Every year, the President of the United States declares the third full week of May as World Trade Week.

Transatlantic Privacy Update: US vs. EU Privacy Regulations: A Comparison

May 14, 2014 | 8:00am

Join us for a discussion on Privacy, as we explore variations in US vs EU approaches to this sensitive subject. Our panelists will share insights on the Regulatory Environment of Data Protection – A Comparison & What to Watch Out For and the differences in Enforcement and Legislation on both sides of the Atlantic.

NYSE Euronext Pan European Day 2014

May 19, 2014 | 2:00pm

The European American Chamber of Commerce in New York [EACCNY] is please to again partner with the NYSE Euronext to organise Pan European Day.

Upcoming Partner Events

Investment Management and Hedge Funds: What's Happening Now?

April 24, 2014 | 5:00pm

Join EACCNY Founding Member, Pepper Hamilton for another candid, interactive discussion of what is going on now in the investment management world, including issues that affect private funds and their managers.

How to come to grips with your EU antitrust liabilities in M&A

May 01, 2014 | 8:00am

On April 2, 2014 the EU Commission fined both the direct participants in a cartel of high voltage cable manufacturers and Goldman Sachs as the ultimate parent of a private equity fund that had invested in one of the cartelizing cable manufacturers (Prysmian). Crucial in this decision was that the private equity firm had acquired “control” over the cable manufacturer.

Strengthening Companies: Operational Improvement Trends

May 08, 2014 | 1:00pm

Global economic uncertainties continue to weigh on markets and M&A activity. In this environment, middle-market private equity companies must be more resourceful than ever in unearthing opportunities, maximizing in-house resources and paving the way for long-term performance.

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Member News

TREPP, LLC: New Jersey RE Loans Update

April 17, 2014

April commentary from the special servicer handling the $53.8 million Sheraton at Newark International Airport revealed the borrower is not interested in a modification, but will cooperate with a foreclosure...

Dillon Eustace: UCITS Alert – UCITS V Update

April 15, 2014

Following the trilogue negotiations among the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission, agreement was reached in relation to the European Commission’s set of proposals to...

New York Grant Company Announcement: International Women’s Enterprise Challenge

April 15, 2014

If you have a woman-owned small business here in New York, or if you know a woman who owns a small business, we strongly encourage applications to IWEC:  the International Women's Enterprise Challenge...

Top 10 Considerations for Trusts & Estate Planning in Light of President Obama’s Proposed 2015 Budget

April 10, 2014

The President has released his annual 'Greenbook'. This book outlines his budget proposals for the upcoming fiscal year. Although not all the items in the book make it into the final budget, they provide...